This is a booking agreement between Party booking THEBUZZ’S services (Client) and THEBUZZ Photography.

THEBUZZ Photography are investing substantial time, personnel and equipment resources in your event service and it is in all our best interest that the Event runs as smoothly as possible. You are entering in to a contract with THEBUZZ Photography so please do read the following terms and conditions carefully. If there are any areas you wish to discuss please do not hesitate to contact us.

THEBUZZ Photography will provide the very best service and experienced photographers possible. We do not use the services of photographers until such time as they have been accessed and have passed our required standards of photography, presentation, and production and most importantly of all professionalism.

Our photographers will work to your brief or in the absence of a brief we will work diligently and professionally to achieve the very best results from your event. We believe briefs are not cast in stone and will adjust accordingly to any reasonable request.

THEBUZZ Photography agrees to attend your event upon confirmation of this booking form. Confirmation can be in the form of a confirmation email, or a signed hardcopy of this form. THEBUZZ Photography will not accept bookings until such time as the event is placed with our office, you will not be in receipt of this form unless this has been confirmed.

Apart from serious circumstances beyond all reasonable control, once your booking is confirmed we will attend. Obviously there are situations that are beyond our control but we will always do our very best not to let you down.

When on-site, our teams will act professionally and always abide by health and safety guidelines.

Our electrical equipment is always up to date with PAT testing where required.

THEBUZZ Photography carries a minimum £2m Public Liability Insurance.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask prior to signing/emailing and returning this document.

Thank you for taking the time to read this document and thank you for booking with THEBUZZ Event Photography.

Please print, sign and return all four pages of this form to the address above within 7 days to confirm your booking.

1. Representatives of THEBUZZ Photography are the only professional photographers allowed to attend the wedding taking portraits for commercial gain. Should any other professional photographer request permission to take photographs for whatever reason; we ask that you consult with ourselves prior to permission being granted. Exceptions will include dedicated photographers for the bridal parties.

2. For events/weddings, you agree to insist any other professional or commercial photographer refrains from taking photographs of our studio and printing station set-ups.

3. Should you require any images for reporting the event/wedding, your own web site or for other promotional materials please contact us directly. THEBUZZ Photography are happy to supply a reasonable number of images FREE OF CHARGE to the client for promotional purposes only providing you credit www.thebuzzeventphotography.co.uk for each and every use. Images will be supplied via email in .jpeg format.

4. THEBUZZ Photography will only attend fully confirmed bookings; this is required to prevent spurious bookings that have cost us many thousands of pounds.

5. THEBUZZ Photography will post all photographs from the wedding on our web site for further review and purchase by the guests / members.

6. THEBUZZ Photography may distribute leaflets at the event to promote our services and after the event sales.

7.  We are sympathetic to parent’s feelings regarding publication of photographs of minors on the Internet and will remove any photographs without question. Please identify any contentious photographs to our staff and these will not be published. Should you require extra protection, we can ‘hide’ images from general viewing by protecting them with a password. The only way this password can be gained is by visitors contacting the wedding organiser and only when they are satisfied will we issue the password. THEBUZZ Photography will publicise the need of a password but will not distribute the password, visitors will be redirected to the wedding’s elected representative.

8. THEBUZZ Photography requests that you promote our attendance regularly during the wedding via any available public address system and or DJ.

9. Location of THEBUZZ Photography Studio: Experience has taught us the best position for our studio / sales point is in the same area as the main function or bar area, not in a side room or out of the way location. Failure to provide such a position that is agreeable with THEBUZZ Event Photography will constitute cancellation on your part and the full cancellation fee becomes due.

10. A £150 deposit is required to secure any booking. This charge is refundable upon completion of the function if the package is a free attendance package.

11. CANCELLATIONS: Should you cancel your event within one calendar month of the scheduled wedding/function a cancellation fee of £150.00 will be due. Where a deposit has been paid for a free attendance package, this refund will be forfeited. There is no refund of attendance fees for special dates including Bank holidays, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. THEBUZZ Photography reserves the right to waive any such fee in exceptional circumstances.

12. We attend weddings with over 250 guests free of charge; we know that at this number we can make sufficient sales to at least cover our costs.

13. The Client shall be responsible for the behavior of any guests attending their event. THEBUZZ reserves the right to terminate any assignment without notice if deemed by THEBUZZ that the Clients staff, or Guests behavior, to be unruly or unsafe. In such instances, THEBUZZ reserves the right to withhold payment of refund or commission. The Client will fully reimburse THEBUZZ Events or their agents for any loss/damage they or their guests cause to property or equipment.

None of the above terms and conditions prevents the wedding guests taking photographs for their own use providing they are not offered for sale, free reproduction or financial reward. Photographing THEBUZZ Photography’s set up, using our equipment or photographing any subject during a photographic session with guests is strictly forbidden.